Hotel Management System

Hotel management system is cloud based PHP open source MVC based project based on mysql database and bootstrap theme to run on any screensize. Its features are vast and are sufficient for small to big hotels.

Antivirus product

C Programming and Database regular updates based Antivirus product to make the full utilization of scanning the file in light performance and easy background processing. (CLIENT NAME PRIVATE).

Jewellery Shop Management

Its a desktop software application to monitor Loan and payments of Jewellery shop, for a big customer in India. (NAME PRIVATE)

123BigDeals E-Commerce

123BigDeals is a E-commerce portal from India, Enriching with many up-growing products and consumer daily needs.

Its OpenCart based product (Previously it was running Prestashop).

Tobacco Monitor App

Under the UP Government and UPVHA association this project is being proven helpful to keep track and monitor the violation of tobacco usage.

Ur-community Website Portal

Portal was designed in elegant and bootstrap custom design and code. Its backend is wordpress and still it has every single thing custom coded which increases life of this project way long then general wordpress portals. Its a time banking website.